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    Workshop container

    Container classes – assists to set up a office for locksmith and maintenance operate, which are completed away from settlements, within the locations where construction, geological search, and drilling functions are carried out. If necessary, variants of execution of the container-house workshop are possible. The entire group of home container houses satisfies the requirements users in comfort and functionality.

    Container place of work

    A container business office is an excellent replacement for a full-fledged creating. It could effortlessly support all that you should organize and equip your business. The container workplace is perfect for small and medium sized-measured enterprises; 3 employees will feel at ease such an office.

    Primary advantages:

    Freedom. The container workplace may be situated in any important spot.

    Scaling. The properties can easily be enhanced with the help of new places of work in the case of an increase in the volume of staff members

    Simplicity and pace of installation

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